Baby Jaws™ & Breathing Nose to Toes™

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ABC’S for Early Intervention. (EI) Therapists (Inpatient/Outpatient):
Airway, Breathing, Cranial-Mandibular Dysfunctions & Sleep

(Birth – 3yrs old)


Revolutionize the way you treat every patient. Learn why airway, breathing, sleep and cranio-mandibular dysfunctions must be top of mind for every member of the pediatric multi-disciplinary team. This course shares evidence-based research and teaches innovative tools and techniques to optimize cranio-mandibular & respiratory function to transform your everyday focus, practice & individualized treatments.


  • Apply evidence-based treatments, & clinical tools to use with individual clients, with hands-on lab-based learning introducing whole body breathing & how they connect with orofacial myofunctional therapy tools and techniques, which can improve sleep apnea up to 62%.

  • Explore whole-body systems and connections with focus on the cranium, mandible, hyoid, TMJ’s, nerves, diaphragm, ankles & toes.

  • Facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

  • Investigate how mouth breathing, snoring, trouble sleeping in young children increases their chance of special education needs, causes neuronal damage and impacts behavior, cognition, development, motor skills, language, and speech of an already vulnerable population.

  • Analyze research, use screening and assessment tools, and review cases while connecting anatomy, physiology, neurology, and chemistry.

  • Better understand why function not just fascia is the key to success in treating tongue ties and low tongue posture.


Engaging, meaningful in person curriculum immediately applicable hands-on learning. Intermediate level.


Pediatric PTs, OTs, SLPs, RTs, MDs, and DOs with an early intervention focus may apply to attend. Others considered on a case-by-case basis. Customized courses for lactation professionals, midwives, and dental professionals will be offered in the future. If you are interested in these future course, please indicate your interest by clicking the grey "Keep Me In the Loop" button on this page

Professional licensure information required to attend the course.


17 Contact Hours, approved by Utah APTA
13 Credits, approved by New Jersey Board of PT Examiners

Typically, One contact = 50-60 minutes of continuing education and, 10 contact hours = I CEU. Some states give more credits for live, lab-based learning. Many states will accept CEUs that have been approved in other states and some do not require course approval, however, participants must verify the standards for their professional licensure and state practice guidelines.


Earn your Baby Jaws™ & Breathing Nose to Toes™ Trained Badge.

Limited availability. A minimum of 15 attendees and a classroom must be secured before the location and dates are confirmed. Make sure the location and dates are confirmed and your application has been approved before booking your travel arrangements.


Dallas/Lewisville, TX

June 22-23

Parkway Construction

1000 Civic Circle Drive, Lewisville, TX 75067

1000 Civic Cir, Lewisville, TX 75067, USA

Salt Lake City, UT

July 27-28

Home2 Suites by Hilton

10704 South River Front Parkway South Jordan, Utah 84095

10704 S River Front Pkwy, South Jordan, UT 84095, USA


“Today was the Holy Grail! Cynthia is brilliant – she is a gifted teacher and clinician” Judy Delaware,

Occupational Therapist, CO

“It will revolutionize how you approach treating infants and TOTs patients.”

Brita Destefano, Physical Therapist, CO

"Cynthia is extremely passionate about her work. She’s up to date on the research integrating it into her practice for optimal outcomes. Anyone working with babies needs this info!”

Kristie Middendorf,

Occupational Therapist, FL

“Well worth the price! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Cynthia. She is gifted in presenting her wealth of knowledge in an engaging and exciting way. We are prepared to change the world!” Shira Kirsh,

Speech Language Pathalogist, NJ

“Cynthia is a dynamic, smart, and loving teacher. You will love her!”

Tirsa Baker, Physical Therapist, AZ

“You will learn so much about how to assess respiration and how it affects the whole body.”
Katie Emerson,

Speech Language Pathologist, UT

“I have been in search of missing pieces to the WHY behind what I have been seeing with babies and feel like this course was it!” Rachel Williams, Physical Therapist, FL

“I loved learning how the tongue is a buzz word right now, but it’s missing the mark if you don’t look at breathing first. I also loved learning all the research, tools and other things Cynthia has been trailblazing. Any PT working with infants needs to understand how breathing impacts everything we do.”

Giselle Tadros, Physical Therapist, NJ




Option to pay in 2 installments which must be made prior to the course.

Scholarship opportunities available for full-time NICU therapists in honor of the amazing medical professionals that cared for Cynthia’s premature grandson “Finn” who inspired the creation of this Baby Jaws™ & Breathing Nose to Toes™ course. Apply for scholarships during registration.

If you are a full-time NICU therapist, please email us at for information about scholarships.


Cynthia Peterson PT, CSOM, CST

Cynthia is passionate about early intervention & prevention and developed this course in honor of the amazing medical professionals that cared for her premature grandson “Finn”. Cynthia has 34 years experience and has helped thousands to thrive in innovative ways.

Cynthia works with all ages to identify and address root causes and underlying issues to optimize airway, breathing, sleep, and cranial-mandibular function. She strives to combine evidence & research, with clinical expertise & decades of learning from both failures & successes. She promotes ethics, respect for intellectual property and honoring scope of practice.

In 2022 Cynthia was awarded The Breathe Outlook Award for ”Extraordinary contribution to the foundation, research, and development of the resources for screening patients for sleep and breathing challenges” of which Cynthia is the originator & co-author.

Cynthia started teaching “Jaw School” in 1990 which included healthy jaw function & postures including nasal breathing with lip seal and tongue-up on the palate and authored the top selling book on the subject before she even heard the now popular term “orofacial myofunctional therapy”. She is Certified in Orofacial Myology, Craniosacral Therapy & Breathing techniques and is trained in pediatric tools and techniques, with extensive training in the cranial nerves and nervous system, fascial & visceral work, and much more. Cynthia is passionate about helping patients function, feel, sleep & breathe better.

Cynthia is a published researcher and co-authored publications in the following peer-reviewed and professional journals

Cynthia has presented nationally and internationally and is a member of many professional organizations including:

  • Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy

  • International Pediatric Sleep Society

  • National Association of Neonatal Therapists

  • Applied Academy of Myofunctional Sciences - Received the Rising Star Award in 2019


Baby Jaws & Breathing Nose to Toes - Online

Self-paced online course with virtual group meeting for techniques, questions and discussion.

Coming Summer 2024

Mouth Magic®

The follow on to the Baby Jaws & Breathing Nose to Toes course.

Mouth Magic® will have 3 educational components including:

Self-paced online material

Virtual group meeting for techniques, questions and discussion.

In-Person Testing & Cases which are being planned for

NOV 2-3 Salt Lake, UT

FEB 2025 San Juan, Puerto Rico

MAR 22-23 Salt Lake, UT

Baby Jaws & Breathing Nose to Toes course is a prerequisite for Mouth Magic®.

Click the "Keep Me In the Loop" button to get updates on these offerings and other train that we are developing.


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